Tips and Tricks For Grand Theft Auto V


When a game offers a whole world to explore, it is difficult to know where to start. Rockstar Games has designed with GTA V a world of experiences and activities to perform and may sometimes we are inundated with options and we do not know what to do. To give a thread to the lives of Trevor, Franklin and Michael we will offer some activities for your first days in Los Santos ..

Asalta a gas station
Like any real city Los Santos works with money and safe life will be easier The more you have of it. As we are small-time thieves, at least for now, we must start assailing businesses that do not pose much risk, so gas stations are a great option. In the same find a large sum of money for minimal effort and police did not pursue us for a long time unless we give new reasons to do so ..

Special Events
Los Santos and Blaine County are really alive, their populations are active And like our characters so we will find other thugs doing theirs. If you happen to find a band performing a robbery you can choose to join the fight on the side you want, maybe for justice or for thieves. This can allow you to earn extra money depending on which side you put on. I remember it is best to generate quick cash to enter the stock exchange Los Santos as soon as possible ..

Improve your skills
Each character in GTA 5 money online hack has good and bad skills for Franklin side is a great racing driver but Is terrible with guns. Training and improving these skills is something that you must do to make the characters more useful in the future. Improve skills good and bad is the key to a bright future criminal ..

Unleash the madness of Trevor
Trevor is a special character, if not deranged, and the truth is that it is one of the things that makes GTA V money cheats game So much fun. Trevor has everything to win in GTA V. When you play with Trevor do not forget that he is neither Michael nor Franklin and play it as such, go crazy, kill, drĂ³gate, run over people, steal and you have everything a maniac of his caliber would .. it

works your role
each of the characters of GTA V has a story and make each of them remains the same person is important to make the experience better. We must not forget that Franklin is the slums and has earned its place in society by bad so next time someone disrespect, put a bullet between the eyes ..

Moreover Michael is a thief retired which has managed to rub shoulders with the upper class so do not stop take it to play golf or tennis occasionally ..

Trevor, finally, as we said already a junkie maniac so play their life as such, buying drugs , Kills people, drives drunk and all that would do someone who does not care at all.

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