“Super Mario Run”: a week after, a record and disappointments


The first highly anticipated Nintendo mobile video game was downloaded 40 million times in four days. But the reception of the players is mixed.

The release of Super Mario Run, Thursday 15 December, was highly anticipated. And for good reason: this is the first true game of Nintendo for mobile, which finally decided to tackle this market. A week later, were expectations met?

Side downloads, it seems that success is the appointment you . In a statement released Wednesday, Dec. 21, Nintendo says that the video game has been downloaded 40 million times during its first four days of existence. A record start on the App Store, one platform, for now, to offer the game.

Nintendo remains silent on the income from the game. While Super Mario Run is free to download, it allows you to play at three levels without pay . To access the rest, it will pay not less than 10 euros, a very high price compared to other games of the same genre . Super Mario Run is a “runner”: The character automatically runs to the right, the player can only trigger jumps.

The effect of curiosity played full for downloads, supported by sustained communication campaign – to the point that some of the latest Apple conference , highly publicized, was dedicated. But we do not know today what percentage of people downloading the dice game stock market finally 10 euros needed to access full.

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Especially since the opinions on the game are very mixed. On the App Store, players only credit two stars out of five, a poor rating. Many of them complain in particular the high price of the game , moreover relatively short and not available offline . And despite the initial excitement of discovering Mario on mobile, gaming, although very well done, does not really show originality by many critics.

A welcome that caused a fall of Nintendo stock, which immediately lost 5% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The action has not since returned to its level before the exit of the game.

But Super Mario Run did not finish his race: if the game is already available in 150 countries, it is so only on the mobile operating system from Apple , iOS. Users of Android , the most used system in the world , should be able to access it in 2017, but no date has yet been given.

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