Pokemon GO – the complete guide tips and tricks to win the game

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It is probably the game of the moment, real catalyst of the attention of players around the world and forbidden object of many fans. Go Pokémon is a bet that Nintendo definitely wants to win and that is proposed as one of the most anticipated projects of the mobile world.

There are still a few days the official release of the game, scheduled for July 15, but several players have managed to get their hands on the project conceived and developed by Niantic boys, a software company that has proven itself on projects that the inertness real world (Ingress).

This guide will accompany you to the discovery of this affected the mobile game first of all explaining how to start your e adventure as a Pokémon trainers.

What Pokémon Go?

For those who have not followed the latest announcements regarding this interesting title worth explaining in detail the features of Pokémon Go. Niantic has created a game that puts a target rather ambizios yet easily framed and quite clear: to turn us into real coaches in the real world. For this reason we will have to activate the GPS and data of our smartphone to be constantly tracked and to be able to interact with our surroundings: Pokémon, Pokéstop and Gyms. Our alter ego will move, then, according to our movement and we will be constantly alerted when we find ourselves near a Pokémon to catch.

How to download Pokemon Go hack on Android and iOS

Pokémon Go is officially available as of the day today, 15 July, and is therefore no longer necessary to take advantage of Android APK or account changes on iOS. The game can be downloaded normally through the PlayStore Google and the AppStore of Apple devices.

ban risk for those who have downloaded the APK?

There has been talk in recent days of the risk of a possible ban account or device for those who started to play in a nation where the game should not yet be available. It is a grave risk?We currently do not have clear indications in this regard and by the time of the possible ban remain of semplic rumor. Niantic (software house responsible business of the game) in the past had already led to initiatives like this but at the moment a real ban seems unlikely.

The only reaction that possibly could be undertaken would involve some sort of block to all countries that should not have access to the server, but for the moment there’s still been no reaction from Niantic and The Pokémon Company.

Which smartphones are compatible?

Obviously in the case of Pokemon go hack for android and iOS for  there are requirements to be met in order to start your adventure from coaches. Since the game is not yet officially released the ones that we present are in many cases the provisional requirements under certain points of view could change with the proposed updates to Niantic. What we do know is that they are required for Android OS 4.4 or iOS 6 and that to have a perfect experience would be needed at least 2 GB of RAM and a dual core processor. Beyond these figures would seem to be some problems especially with the Intel chip as excellent smartphone that fall within the minimum requirements as Asus Zenfone 2 would currently not compatible. The last APK update seems, however, it has completely or nearly solved the situation and as a result we expect the official release of the game is also fully supported by these smartphones.

Start playing: customize the avatar

When you have finally downloaded Pokemon Go hack for android and iOS you can finally start playing. After making sure to have GPS and active internet connection you will enter your Google account to get started at last giocoare. You will then accolit by Professor Willow and you’ll have the ability to customize your avatar with some ozioni purely aesthetic. You can, in fact, choose the sex, and change hair color, eyes, and some elements of your abbbigliamento. Once you have done you can choose your name and take care of the first typical choice that characterizes all Pokémon games: your initial Pokémon but more about that in another venue. Instead, it is now time to focus on some characteristic elements of the game talking about fundamental element of the game: the Pokémon themselves.

All you need to know about Pokémon from catching evolution

The beginning: capture pokémon

The initial choice of the starter that you will get (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle but Pikachu) will allow you to experience for the first time the launch of the pokeball. It is a mechanical one which for a novice might not be clear to 100% but which is important not to waste too many poke-ball and to get some experience point. When you meet a Pokémon will see a circle of a certain color that surrounds it, this circle reveals the difficulty of a possible catch: green = easy, yellow = medium difficulty, red = very difficult. Especially early in the game is pretty unlikely inmbattersi in pokémon with the red circle and the yellow one also seems unlikely. For Pokémon like that are obviously necessary tools obtainable reaching the highest levels for your alter ego. That’s how Megaball, ultraball and Masterball become critical to capture the most difficult opponents.

Once you have chosen the type of ball to be used you will have to carry out the launch. Hold the pokeball until the colored circle will become as small as possible and then launch it with a swipe to the pokémon. In the first catch you will make mistakes, especially at the level of strength, but soon you will learn to do high quality throws.

Capture the strongest Pokémon

At some point of your adventure and reach level 20 Pokemon go hack for android and iOS will be more difficult to capture. In this case use semplicele pokeball could not be sufficiale. Each Pokémon brings a kind of movement, this movement seems in a sense delinare the mood of the creature (happy or angry). Throwing a few berries will see the Pokémon move again. Once the move is complete launch your ball.

Another method that seems to work is to throw the pokeball as soon as the pokémon appears on the screen. It seems that in this way the chance of catching are significantly higher.

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How to find pokémon

It may seem a rather simple and intuitive but also this aspect of Pokémon Go may be slightly difficult to guess in the early stages of the game. Of course the title Niantic is not made for those who do not want to physically move and walk around the world and those who live in rural areas is likely also to be with a few places of interest.

Beyond these problems in the lower right of the screen is a kind of menu that puts us in front of a screen showing all the Pokémon in the area with a lot of distance from our location (footsteps there are more and more distant each footprint would be some 100m). By accessing this screen you can also select a single Pokémon focusing exclusively on his research. As we get closer decrease the footsteps and the arrow icon will start to flash to show us that our prey is getting closer.

To help the different players in the capture has also launched the site Pokemapper , a tool whose success depends solely by the users themselves and depend entirely from their reports. This site shows the areas where the pokémon and with the official release and community support were found could become a point of reference for all players.

How to enhance and evolve

Of course to be able to fight within Gyms (of which more later) you will have to upgrade your Pokemon team and also aim at the developments. Since you can not gain experience by fighting with wild Pokémon how can we succeed in transforming the first and weakest Pokémon go hack for android and iOS in fearsome creatures and more powerful? We must use two basic consumables: the Stardust and candies.

By accessing the menu screen, to that of Pokémon captured and even selecting one pokémon we will find ourselves in front of a screen with the characteristics of the creatures and with two voices: “Boost” and “Far Evolve”. To enhance’ll have to use a certain amount of stardust and candy while an evolution will be necessary only candies in large quantities.

The Stardust is achieved by capturing any Pokémon or by hatching an egg, while the candies are specific to each Pokémon and only capturing a large amount of Charmander and traferendo the “duplication”, for example, can you hope to make it evolve in a Charmeleon. Given the difficulty in succeeding in an evolution especially in the early hours of the game, to become at least more competitive and to have a chance to win the Gyms, upgrading could be a great way to go.

Better upgrade or evolve?

In these early days we discuss a lot on this particular issue is apparently both seem solutions with advantages and disadvantages fairly clear but with similar results in the end after all. The Pokémon can not be upgraded to infinity and it seems that the highest level of enhancement or the use of ports evolutions still similar statistics. For this reason, in some cases it will be worth spending a lesser amount of candy to have some short-term advantages, especially if you find the same Pokemon is complicated.

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