Complete Boom Beach Guide For 2016

boom beach complete tips and tricks guide

Hello! If you are reading this guide Boom Beach means you have already passed the initial tutorial and now you’re looking for a little more information to help you understand how the basics of the game work.

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Building location and your Base Defense

The first thing you should do is customize your base and strengthen your defenses. The headquarters is the brain and heart of your operations, your main goal is to keep the defense protected at all costs! Do not make the mistake of not preparing your base when you start – is a very costly mistake and it can be avoided!

Some critics tips:

  • Place your headquarters in a difficult position to reach with defenses covering the entire area around it: front, rear and sides.
  • Protect your defensive structures surrounding them with buildings that are not defensive. However it is important that the buildings are not so close to each other (ie, they do not touch). And simultaneously protects your defensive buildings with no tucking your defenses because every destroyed building energizes the gunship enemy.
  • Leave a little space between your buildings (at least one frame away). If you do not, the Artillery enemy can hurt several of your buildings to shoot on the edge where they touch or corners.
  • Your enemy can destroy all your buildings but do not destroy the  HQ : you win!

And you have covered the points above? Okay, now beware of trees because your enemy can run through them using Bengal . This means that if you have your headquarters  covered with trees then it is extremely vulnerable from the woods!

This is a base that is not protecting their headquarters with their defenses. Protect your HQ with your defenses.

Besides your headquarters , you also need to place your defenses strategically. The enemy troops attack the next nearest building, so your buildings sandwiching your defenses, you ‘ll be giving you more time to end the energy and life of your enemy.

Again we repeat, the space between buildings is vital in Boom Beach . Do not give your enemies anything free to leave two attached buildings and allow your gunship hit those two buildings with a single shot.

At first you do not have many defensive buildings, but as your base grows and gaining strength, keep these ideas in mind as they will be the difference between eliminate your enemies and lose half of your resources.

Playing style and Improvement Order

There are two different ways of seeing the game Boom Beach.

Some people want to be 100% offensive: attack, attack, attack. Others will try something more balanced: defend your resources while claiming enemy bases go. We see the details of both strategies below so you can decide which one you like more.

Offensive strategy

  • Advantage:
    • very strong offense that can kill opponents high level and in most cases can attack anything.
    • They contribute greatly to the missions of the Task Forces.
    • They can accumulate resources quickly to make costly improvements through their attacks and thus move faster levels Headquarters .
  • disadvantages:
    • If you go too fast, you’ll eventually find opponents fighting 10 or 15 levels above you so you have no way to generate resources.
    • You ‘ll have to let your enemies from attacking your base and your HQ often to lose VPs and thus easier to fight enemies.
    • Your resources will be completely unprotected from enemy attacks so you can not save for major improvements.
    • You’ll get little or no gem or military information base your defenses since it will be extremely vulnerable.

Defensive Strategy – Balanced

  • Advantage:
    • Your defense will be good, so you can win more diamonds and military intelligence whenever your enemies lose your base.
    • You have a balanced to generate resources naturally when you are not attacking and eventually you can build a large army economy.
    • You will understand better how to defend your base so you can use this knowledge to better plan attacks on enemy bases
    • If you can not get all the resources for an improvement in a given time, your defenses are in the ability to protect what you have earned
    • You can play the entire game instead of just enjoying the offensive
  • disadvantages:
    • You progress slower in the game because you must divide between offensive and defensive improvements

Improvements in Offensive Strategy

Remember that by following this strategy does not want to make friends or build bases, just want to attack.  This strategy is based on building a large army but sacrificing defend your base and your economy. For this strategy, your improvements will be concentrated on your landing craft , Gunship , Armoury and your headquarters . You will also need to improve your tanks to store everything you get by attacking other bases.

The  gunship ys or Artillery is critical at first in Boom Beach. Improve Gunship allows you to make more shots and you should do so as soon as possible. As you also getting dark fragments, statues to increase the power of your gunship will have a big impact on your game.

The landing craft are PUE den improve with few resources and each extra space in your boat is a Rifleman to increase your attack strength or Thug extra to enhance the power of your attack.Furthermore it tries to aim at certain levels of your landing craft as they become much better when you can put a Thug extra them (level 4, 8, 12).

The Armoury will keep your troops in good shape for the battle and ammunition of your gunship will be more powerful.  A special note  is that you should improve your artillery so you can eliminate defenses keys (such as guns ) with two shots instead of three . This improvement is worth its weight in gold as it can be the final factor to eliminate an enemy base high level.

The Goon is basic in most armies and is the backbone that absorbs all enemy fire and protect your Fusiliers and Zucas . You debrías consider especially when improvements as well you will give more points and do a little more damage.

Their main enemies are the canyons and towers Snipers . You can easily absorb damage flamethrower ,machine guns  and mortars .

The Zuca is a very strong unit offensively and is the other half of Attack  Thug + Zuca (Hooka) . The better you will increase your damage and give him more likely to survive if it is achieved with a mine . The Zucas have a powerful attack but has very little defense, be sure to keep them out of danger behind your Thugs or your Fusiliers to maximize their potential.

Improvements Artillery are good as improved damage from the attack can mean fewer shots you need to remove a critical defense. The difference between need 2 or 3 shots shots artillery to destroy a defense is huge. It is a super useful improvement at any time.

Improved Defensive / Balanced Strategy

When you play with the balanced strategy, you’re going to follow the same rules to improve the offensive Estruturas we mentioned above ( landing craft , Gunship , Armoury , etc) but you should also spend time and resources on improving your defensive buildings.

You must make sure your defensive Estruturas to keep up with the rest of your base and recalls that the strategic positioning of these buildings is the most important part of your defense. Note that while a building is being improved, the same could not defend your base so you will be more vulnerable during this time.

Here’s a good summary of their advantages and order in you should prioritize.

The Tower sharpshooter has a powerful and necessary to defend against almost any unit. They must be positioned to protect defenses smaller range of action and also to cover the back and sides of your HQ .

These Torres should be scattered throughout the base to cover a larger area. A Thug improved can withstand many shots from a tower Snipers so have other defenses like cannons protecting a good idea.

The mortar can fire long – range bombs that can damage multiple units in the area. They are effective against units with lows of life as Zucas and Fusiliers . Mortars can not attack units that are too close so it is necessary to surround him with other defensive buildings.

The guns are unlocked shortly after having started Boom Beach and are good against strong objectives and are what unites all other defenses. They are unlocked at level 6 of the Headquarters and are strong against units with high points of life as Thugs , tanks and Warriors .

The level 3 of your cannons is excellent in levels of Headquarters under the 9. The Canyons Level 3 have enough points to survive life 2 attacks Artillery enemy so they will need 3 shots to destroy them .


The other strong point of the balanced strategy is your economy. Storage buildings of your resources are extremely important in both strategies because you will waste resources when you’ve reached your storage limit and still keep attacking.

It notes that the House deserves an honorable mention here because it significantly reduces the amount of resources that you lose when you attack. You buy it as soon as possible!  Of course you must also pay attention to the structures that produce resources (Sawmill , Quarry , Iron Mine ) because you will generate hundreds of thousands of resources in the long term.

You should raise the level of your headquarters whenever you have the chance! Raise the level of your main building has disadvantages because the level of your opponents is not determined by the level of your headquarters . This means you’ll have more buildings and better units without negative consequences! Take advantage of this information and take him ahead of your enemies!

Ready to Attack

So already you attacked several bases of the Dark Guard and have improved several buildings. Now where are all those people who supposedly were going to be able to attack with your mighty army are?

  • Improve your Radar at level 2 so you can find other players on your map. This also means that you can be attacked by other players.
  • As you improve your Radar , you’re finding more players and islands to reclaim. Resource bases may also appear on the map and are a good way to get extra resources.
  • Once a player appears on your map, Boom Beach takes a “snapshot” of resources that are available to you to steal. This does not mean that your enemy can not continue to improve or rearranging your base.
  • Your enemies are calculated based solely on the amount of Victory Points you have. This means that sometimes find enemies that are very different from yours level.

So before you improve your Radar , you should ensure that your defenses are improved and are ready for an invasion. Here is an excerpt from a text by Supercell about how your enemies are calculated:

The new way of calculating your enemies is based on Victory Points you have. The system will try to bring together players with a similar amount of Victory Points. This new way of calculating the enemy manages several of the problems he had with the old system. More importantly, this new system is more transparent and provides better and more balanced mechanics: if you are gaining much, eventually you will have easier enemies. We know that this new system will bring new challenges, but we think these new problems are more manageable.

Resource Bases

Resource Bases are a valuable way to get extra resources. Exploring the map and discovering areas with clouds that do not let you see behind them but that you achieve see the tip of a tower, you will gain access to these valuable resources. Here we can see right map a resource base that is to be discovered.

Once scanned, the resource base is ready to harvest fruit. Unlike the Dark Guard bases, resource bases are controlled by players.Some things we can highlight the Resource Bases:

  • You’ll be constantly fighting with other players to keep control of your resource bases.
  • Resource Bases are not contested by only two players.
  • Each time the resource base changes ownership defenses are improved. Sometimes even new defenses appear in the resource base.
  • When you stay completely stalled against an opponent, you have the option to look for a new opponent after some time (about 3 days). However , we do not recommend that you seek new opponents in resource bases. Instead, it is advisable to leave it until you are strong enough to take the resource base again. It may sound strange but then you would appreciate having taken this decision!
  • Do not forget! Once you take control of a resource base, it is yours and therefore can do whatever you want on it. This means you can  move the buildings as you please  and improve the defensive arrangement of the resource base. It is easy toforget this detail but it is crucial to keep control of the Base.
  • Trees also can be eliminated which can help you with the defensive positioning of the buildings in your Resource Base.

What do I do with the Diamonds?

Diamonds or Gems have two uses: to accelerate the construction or improvement of buildings and they can also buy resources which you need to build or improve a building. You should save diamonds for some scenarios:

  • You have too many resources and you’re afraid that the stolen in an attack so use them to quickly finish a construction or improvement.
  • The guards to buy resources that are difficult to obtain (this is especially important when you raise the Headquarters level 6 and acquire first stone). You do not have to generate stone building so it is a good idea to use diamonds to improve Headquarters directly at the level 7. Something similar occurs with iron went up the headquarters level 9 to level 10.

It is not recommended to use diamonds to speed up troop training or improvement of buildings since it is a very expensive resource. Unless you have thousands of diamonds, you should save them for when you really need them.

Frequent questions

  • Should I lose my VPs to get weaker opponents?

Players regularly allow their base is flattened to reduce the level of rivals who plays face.

How does it work?

  1. Have many bases in your map and attack quickly to get all the resources you need for a major improvement.
  2. Spend all your resources in that expensive improvement you were trying to achieve and will not lose anything when attacked
  3. Place your Headquarters unprotected on the beach to be easily attacked and destroyed by your enemies to reduce the VPs

This means that other people will attack and decrease your VPs, and as Victory Points determine the level of rivals who will touch you and therefore will face easier opponents.

  • Why not me ?, are new bases appearing Where are the new opponents?

If you have not seen new enemy bases in your map a while, it’s because you need to defeat you currently have on your map before they appear new.

You can also click on the radar of your base so you know when you can be the next invasion.

  • How do I get wood, iron, stone?

Sometimes you will spot shortages of resources, that is inevitable. Skip enemies with few resources for victory points needed to not rise so fast in your Victory Points and thus get more resources enemy. You can also read the Diamonds section above for what to do in some cases with the Iron and Stone. Or you can use our special boom beach diamonds hack tool to get free Diamonds, Gold, Stone, Wood and Iron. No Need to download this tool, and its 100% Working as of date.

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