Brawl Stars Cheats and Hack – Free Gems and Coins Generator

Brawl Stars Cheats and Hack - Free Gems and Coins Generator

Hello Guys! Today we have great news to announce. Hold on, because we have designed a Gems generator for the new Supercell giant game that just came out: Brawl Stars ! The game is successful and particularly addictive. Many of our readers have asked us to create a Brawl Star Cheat to get unlimited Gems. After several weeks of development and testing, we are now able to add an unlimited number of Gems to any Brawl Stars account, while staying under radars.

How to get Brawl Stars Gems?

First, you may get a few gems from time to time in the game. However, it seems to be rather to give players the desire to buy them …

Then, as you know, it is possible to get out the blue card to have fun. Unfortunately, we can not afford it.

Fortunately, there is also Muaprofessional and its famous Generator of Gems 🙂 You will be able to cheat on Brawl Stars without difficulty. The goal was that everyone could use our trick. No need for advanced knowledge in computer science or programming. A 5 year old child could use this trick! What are you waiting for? Our method of cheating is simple to use, effective and secure.

Getting Gems on Brawl Star is risky?

You may have already come across another method of cheating for Star Brawl . At the Muaprofessional site, there is no risk in using the cheats we share. First, no download is required. The generator is accessible online on any device with an internet connection: PC, iOS (iphone), Windows phone, Android, Mac, … You will not run into malware! In addition, our generator has an Anti-Ban system (and an anonymous connection) for more security. In addition, Muaprofessional will never ask for personal information. Please be careful and never disclose your passwords on sites or apps! A reliable structure will never ask you for this kind of information.

Why and how to cheat on Star Brawl?

You should know that Ninjastuce offers you cheats rather than cheats. Indeed, our techniques do not allow to modify your capacity in the games (for example with a help to the sighting). In reality, we have focused on getting resources, which are often a brake on many players. In addition, we are fighting against inequalities, including in online gambling . We are seeing more and more “Pay to Win” where players who pay are necessarily the best.

  1. First step: to start without problems, it is better to watch the demo video (example from another game) which is at the top of the page. It is also important to review and read the article (and comments) to better understand the details of how the Brawl Stars cheat works .
  2. Step 2: Just click on the “RECEIVE MY RESOURCES” button that will give you access to the page of the gemstone generator .
  3. Step Three: Enter the username of your account or the e-mail address. You can then select and select a resource amount.
  4. Step Four: After waiting a few moments, you will have to complete a small human check (with an offer) in order to take advantage of the trick for this Supercell game .

To celebrate the release of Brawl Stars, we decided to go through a quick presentation of the game: This is the new mobile game (the first beta released in June 17 in Canada) available on Androïd and iOS mainly. The main characters are small heroes, each one more original than the other. They allow real-time combat in three to three.

After spending several hours trying out the game, it was noticed that there are strong similarities with other Supercell games, including Clash Royale. The developers of the Finnish Studio have probably used the elements that have worked in their previous games. Unfortunately, the game always pushes us as much to make purchases of gems, a currency that allows to progress extremely fast.

Fans of Hay Day, Clash of Clash, Boom Beach and Clash Royale just have to stand out! The game is a great success. What are you waiting for? You will find four different and surprising modes of play in a kind of arena. Each has very specific powers that can be improved

Here is a small list (not exhaustive) of the heroes of the game:
There are:

  • The Common Heroes (Shelly, Jessie, Nita, Dynamike, El Primo, Colt, Brock)
  • Rare Heroes: Poco, Bull, Ricochet, Barley
  • Epic Heroes: Mortis, Bo
  • Legendary Heroes: Crow, Spike

We can expect, in the weeks or months to come, the appearance of new heroes to come spice up the game.

The different currencies of the game Brawl Stars

First, we find the exhibits . This is the currency that will be received often during the parties. They make it possible to obtain chests that can contain elixir or combatants.
Then there are the famous gems : they are found on most games of this developer (except for Hay Day where it is about diamonds). They will allow you to buy better quality chests. So we’re more likely to get rare characters.
The elixir is essential to advance and evolve your little monsters. Thanks to the tokens , you can indulge yourself in the gambling shop, I think we have gone around the resources of Brawl Stars!

Here we are at the end of this article of presentation of the game Cheats for brawl stars allowing to obtain large quantities of Gems (almost unlimited). Do not hesitate to send us a message (thanks to the comments) and ask your questions if you have any. It is also possible to submit games for which you would like to see an article on muaprofessional 🙂 A very soon.

Injustice 2 Cheats – Tips for a good start into the game

injustice 2 cheats

The battle between Gut and the former estate is increasing in Injustice 2 , but this game is not limited to kicking and beating. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of Netherrealm StudiosDC Comics costume and combat simulation.

If you have not played the first Injustice , you should at least look at it.

Why is Superman in prison? What’s the deal with the dead Lois? How can it be that all of these weaker heroes are capable of fighting against cryptors? All these and other questions will be answered in the 2013 Injustice: Gods Among Uses. If you have not played the first game (and have not read the excellent comic book-tie-in series), you should make the most of this. If you can not wait or want to wait so long, you should look at the following summary of all cinematic story scenes:

Download the Injustice 2 Mobile Game and link to it.

As was the case in the first game, Netherrealm Studios also produced a free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android, which accompanies the release of Injustice 2 cheats for the consoles. It is not bad at all. Even if you hate free-to-play mobile games, the download is worth it, because when you link it to the console version, you’ll be sent “cross-promotional” rewards.

Right from the start, you’ll get the “premier skin” grid for cyborg and it is to be expected that Netherrealm will continue to make sure that it is still worthwhile for the players to own both games.

First, play the story mode.

If you are so convinced of your fighting game skills that you think you can survive in the online battles with superpowers immediately, you can safely ignore this tip. If you’re not quite so sure and your skills are a bit of a workout, you should play Injustice 2 ‘s story mode, which is an excellent way to become familiar with some of the new and re-enacted characters and try fighting strategies. In each of the 12 chapters, a character is the focus, in some, a matching pair (Green Arrow and Black Canary, Firestorm, and Blue Beetle), and to get to the next chapter, you need to get to know each of these characters very closely.

Use the Clash Mechanics carefully.

The clash mechanics from Injustice: Gods Among Us are also in the sequel, allowing the players to use their super-meter as a bet against their opponent in order to recover potentially health or damage.

The desire to go “all-in” / put everything is strong, but you should weigh in every situation exactly. If you are at your last health bar (health bar) and you are sure to win the Clash, do not miss this opportunity. If your opponent’s ad and ad is filled to the maximum, you will have a SuperMove that you can use immediately if you do not use anything and gain your opponent, while reducing your opponent’s chance to avoid this attack becomes.

Also try out the characters that do not appear in Story Mode.

You’ll notice in the course of the story mode that not all characters play a major role in it. Heroes like Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing and Doctor Fate or villains like Deadshot, Cheetah, Atrocitus or Scarecrow will not be able to play in story mode.

Go into the training mode (practice mode) with these characters, play some battles against the Ai and get to know them really. They are first-class candidates for …

Explore the multiverse every day.

Like Mortal Kombat X ‘s Living Towers, the Multiversum offers players a series of thematic challenges that are perfectly suited to gather equipment and character experience points. The battles often come with cool modifiers that make them more varied and even more interesting, such as playing fields that are constantly tilting from right to left and back again.

Some multiverse events last for days. Other hours. They are exciting, profitable and perfect for fast playing between. Play it.

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Cultivate an AI Campaign.

Are you looking for a really simple method to earn experience and loot boxes that does not require much effort? Then you are right at the AI ​​Battle Simulator. You only need to assign three heroes as a team of defenders controlled by the computer. Players who actively search for random AI fights will compete against their team. You do not have to do anything at all. I logged in the evening, checked the AI ​​Battle Log, and yes, someone had fought and won against my team. Nevertheless, I received a Loot box for my non-effort.4

If you want to have better rewards, you need to cherish your AI fighters like flowers in a DC licensed garden. Use characters you have inflated and equipped with the best possible equipment – they will still be playable in other game modes. And if you want to play a more active role in AI fights, you can always search for opponents or train with friends. This is fast, easy and you just have to press the fast-forward button.

Join a Guild.

You want even more rewards to appear on your screen by chance? Join an active guild. Injustice 2 allows up to 50 players to form an alliance like this one:

When you join a guild, you have the chance to gain Guild Points, which are used to unlock special Loot Boxes (chests with loot), which are only available within the guilds. It also gives you access to special group challenges, which are game-specific tasks in the multiverse, such as missions to be done together. This can only be unlocked and played with a guild.

Open your Loot Boxes immediately.

This is one of those tips that displays the game during loading screens, but it is worth repeating. Loot boxes, or mother boxes, as they are called in Injustice 2 , are linked to the level you deserve. If you earn a Loot Box at level seven, it will mainly include equipment that is appropriate for this level. If you open this box until you reach level 20, it will still contain equipment for level seven.

If you get equipment that you do not want to use or do not need, you do not have to worry. You can …

Sell ​​equipment you do not need.

I opened today a Loot Box containing four different leggings for Harley Quinn. I do not need four different leggings for Harley Quinn. But I could use more money to get better equipment. This requires only a detour to the inventory interface.

But before you start selling things to get virtual money, you should be able to …

Try all the equipment on / off.

Injustice 2 s equipment system is a bit sloppy, but among all the masks, suits and so on, which sound very similar, some really cool looks are hidden. The only problem is that the items are always represented by the same icon, however they may appear.

When you open a Loot Box, you can press the “X” button to view details about each item you are unlocking, which ensures you will not miss anything in the midst of all this gray mess.

Do not worry about the renewal of gear as long as you have not improved your character to the maximum (maxxed).

Regeneration (Restore / Restore) makes it possible to convert a lower level item to match the current level of your character. This is handy if you really want to have a piece of equipment and want to keep it. However, its stats are also re-rolled, which is why this mechanics is not really as practical as it could be.

Make good work in multiplayer. Step a few people and so on.

Since I’m not a very good multiplayer player, I can only give you very simple tips like “hitting the other person until they no longer stir” and maybe “do not be an asshole, but forgo all day long deadshots shotguns To spam “. Please add your multiplayer tips in the comments!

The most important thing at the end: Have fun!

Injustice 2 is an excellent game filled with a lot of things that guarantee a good time. Do not worry about the victory / defeat ratio and do not feel bad because you need to reduce the difficulty. This game has a lot of great content. Enjoy this as you can.

Tips and Tricks For Grand Theft Auto V


When a game offers a whole world to explore, it is difficult to know where to start. Rockstar Games has designed with GTA V a world of experiences and activities to perform and may sometimes we are inundated with options and we do not know what to do. To give a thread to the lives of Trevor, Franklin and Michael we will offer some activities for your first days in Los Santos ..

Asalta a gas station
Like any real city Los Santos works with money and safe life will be easier The more you have of it. As we are small-time thieves, at least for now, we must start assailing businesses that do not pose much risk, so gas stations are a great option. In the same find a large sum of money for minimal effort and police did not pursue us for a long time unless we give new reasons to do so ..

Special Events
Los Santos and Blaine County are really alive, their populations are active And like our characters so we will find other thugs doing theirs. If you happen to find a band performing a robbery you can choose to join the fight on the side you want, maybe for justice or for thieves. This can allow you to earn extra money depending on which side you put on. I remember it is best to generate quick cash to enter the stock exchange Los Santos as soon as possible ..

Improve your skills
Each character in GTA 5 money online hack has good and bad skills for Franklin side is a great racing driver but Is terrible with guns. Training and improving these skills is something that you must do to make the characters more useful in the future. Improve skills good and bad is the key to a bright future criminal ..

Unleash the madness of Trevor
Trevor is a special character, if not deranged, and the truth is that it is one of the things that makes GTA V money cheats game So much fun. Trevor has everything to win in GTA V. When you play with Trevor do not forget that he is neither Michael nor Franklin and play it as such, go crazy, kill, drógate, run over people, steal and you have everything a maniac of his caliber would .. it

works your role
each of the characters of GTA V has a story and make each of them remains the same person is important to make the experience better. We must not forget that Franklin is the slums and has earned its place in society by bad so next time someone disrespect, put a bullet between the eyes ..

Moreover Michael is a thief retired which has managed to rub shoulders with the upper class so do not stop take it to play golf or tennis occasionally ..

Trevor, finally, as we said already a junkie maniac so play their life as such, buying drugs , Kills people, drives drunk and all that would do someone who does not care at all.

“Super Mario Run”: a week after, a record and disappointments


The first highly anticipated Nintendo mobile video game was downloaded 40 million times in four days. But the reception of the players is mixed.

The release of Super Mario Run, Thursday 15 December, was highly anticipated. And for good reason: this is the first true game of Nintendo for mobile, which finally decided to tackle this market. A week later, were expectations met?

Side downloads, it seems that success is the appointment you . In a statement released Wednesday, Dec. 21, Nintendo says that the video game has been downloaded 40 million times during its first four days of existence. A record start on the App Store, one platform, for now, to offer the game.

Nintendo remains silent on the income from the game. While Super Mario Run is free to download, it allows you to play at three levels without pay . To access the rest, it will pay not less than 10 euros, a very high price compared to other games of the same genre . Super Mario Run is a “runner”: The character automatically runs to the right, the player can only trigger jumps.

The effect of curiosity played full for downloads, supported by sustained communication campaign – to the point that some of the latest Apple conference , highly publicized, was dedicated. But we do not know today what percentage of people downloading the dice game stock market finally 10 euros needed to access full.

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Especially since the opinions on the game are very mixed. On the App Store, players only credit two stars out of five, a poor rating. Many of them complain in particular the high price of the game , moreover relatively short and not available offline . And despite the initial excitement of discovering Mario on mobile, gaming, although very well done, does not really show originality by many critics.

A welcome that caused a fall of Nintendo stock, which immediately lost 5% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The action has not since returned to its level before the exit of the game.

But Super Mario Run did not finish his race: if the game is already available in 150 countries, it is so only on the mobile operating system from Apple , iOS. Users of Android , the most used system in the world , should be able to access it in 2017, but no date has yet been given.

FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer Hack – Android & iOS Free Points Coins

Hello Guys! As the new game FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer came out, a lot of users are asking for a FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer Hack Tool which to be able to get Free Points and Coins for FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer. This tool is latest released and we use glitches on EA server and you can use our coin generator online, and you dont need to do any surveys etc.

free fifa 17 coins and points free : check out the video below on how it works. also we have a french site. you can check out here if you really want to get free points and coins.

Easiest Way to Get Real Instragam Followers – Instagram Followers Hack

Getting more and more followers on instagram is the only way to become famous on this super awesome social networking platform, but getting a lot of followers is not that easy. that why we are here providing our latest instagram tool which can give you unlimited amount of free instagram followers and without doing any surveys. This tool will help you in not getting followers only but with this tool you will be able to get free likes too. so dont wait and use this instagram followers free hack online tool.

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Avec le générateur de code psn vous pouvez générer $ 20 $ 50 et 1 année d’adhésion. Juste au cas où vous ne savez pas ce qu’est PSN Code, PSN Codes sont en fait une monnaie virtuelle qui peut être utilisé à la place des cartes de crédit ou de l’argent réel pour acheter des jeux Playstation.

Moviestarplanet cheats and hack for getting starcoins and diamonds

moviestar planet hack tips and tricks

There are many methods to make Moviestarplanet Hack intends more fascinating for you. It’s possible for you to get some challenging tricks to hack.

Video games are known as one of the most fascinating amusement all all over the world. It’s possible for you to appreciate with Moviestarplanet hack strategies. These strategies that are hacking can give you the range to have VIP membership, endless diamonds and Star Coins at no cost.

The primary goal of any video game would be to supply players with entire amusement. The thrilling the game is, the popular it’d become. There are websites that can let you hack the game.

-Find the sites that can assist you in the hacking procedure for the game out. You CAn’t get the best outcome of your hacking until you understand fully about the Moviestarplanet hacks and cheats.
– when it is done through a dependable site Hacking can be tremendously exciting.
This phase is more exciting than the preceding amounts.

The best way to Locate a Very Good Hacking Choice?

You have to understand the procedure well to be an excellent hacker. There are lots of sites that can provide you with some tricks. If you need to take hacking you should take note of them.

-Once you finish your hunt for the hacking web site, make sure the site is an authentic one.
-There’s no violation in ethical hacking. Therefore you should not be insincere while doing Msp vip hack for an exhilaration gaming experience.
-Make An Effort To get the hacking done in a less difficult way so the occupation can be carried through without much problem.

At the time of hacking on video games like Moviestarplanet, you should know about some rules that are hacking. Their hacking tools are offered by some of the sites free of charge, and the same may be charged for by other. There must be some differences between both of these variants. Nevertheless, you should attempt in hacking Moviestarplanet the both to receive the best experience.

-This hacking procedure would be to make you capable to take you to the higher amount or the next in the game.
-The latest variant of moviestarplanet hack tool 2016 will allow you to bring in all the advantages of the game at no cost. It’s possible for you to bring in Star Coins or diamonds with assistance from these tools.
It’s possible for you to get simple access to the additional attributes of the game like the costumes and other things that are significant. Going to the next level means you appreciate the game and can avail these characteristics. Therefore, understanding the hacking tricks will cause you to get capable to get some exciting attributes as a player.

Pokemon GO – the complete guide tips and tricks to win the game

pokemon go hack for android and ios

It is probably the game of the moment, real catalyst of the attention of players around the world and forbidden object of many fans. Go Pokémon is a bet that Nintendo definitely wants to win and that is proposed as one of the most anticipated projects of the mobile world.

There are still a few days the official release of the game, scheduled for July 15, but several players have managed to get their hands on the project conceived and developed by Niantic boys, a software company that has proven itself on projects that the inertness real world (Ingress).

This guide will accompany you to the discovery of this affected the mobile game first of all explaining how to start your e adventure as a Pokémon trainers.

What Pokémon Go?

For those who have not followed the latest announcements regarding this interesting title worth explaining in detail the features of Pokémon Go. Niantic has created a game that puts a target rather ambizios yet easily framed and quite clear: to turn us into real coaches in the real world. For this reason we will have to activate the GPS and data of our smartphone to be constantly tracked and to be able to interact with our surroundings: Pokémon, Pokéstop and Gyms. Our alter ego will move, then, according to our movement and we will be constantly alerted when we find ourselves near a Pokémon to catch.

How to download Pokemon Go hack on Android and iOS

Pokémon Go is officially available as of the day today, 15 July, and is therefore no longer necessary to take advantage of Android APK or account changes on iOS. The game can be downloaded normally through the PlayStore Google and the AppStore of Apple devices.

ban risk for those who have downloaded the APK?

There has been talk in recent days of the risk of a possible ban account or device for those who started to play in a nation where the game should not yet be available. It is a grave risk?We currently do not have clear indications in this regard and by the time of the possible ban remain of semplic rumor. Niantic (software house responsible business of the game) in the past had already led to initiatives like this but at the moment a real ban seems unlikely.

The only reaction that possibly could be undertaken would involve some sort of block to all countries that should not have access to the server, but for the moment there’s still been no reaction from Niantic and The Pokémon Company.

Which smartphones are compatible?

Obviously in the case of Pokemon go hack for android and iOS for  there are requirements to be met in order to start your adventure from coaches. Since the game is not yet officially released the ones that we present are in many cases the provisional requirements under certain points of view could change with the proposed updates to Niantic. What we do know is that they are required for Android OS 4.4 or iOS 6 and that to have a perfect experience would be needed at least 2 GB of RAM and a dual core processor. Beyond these figures would seem to be some problems especially with the Intel chip as excellent smartphone that fall within the minimum requirements as Asus Zenfone 2 would currently not compatible. The last APK update seems, however, it has completely or nearly solved the situation and as a result we expect the official release of the game is also fully supported by these smartphones.

Start playing: customize the avatar

When you have finally downloaded Pokemon Go hack for android and iOS you can finally start playing. After making sure to have GPS and active internet connection you will enter your Google account to get started at last giocoare. You will then accolit by Professor Willow and you’ll have the ability to customize your avatar with some ozioni purely aesthetic. You can, in fact, choose the sex, and change hair color, eyes, and some elements of your abbbigliamento. Once you have done you can choose your name and take care of the first typical choice that characterizes all Pokémon games: your initial Pokémon but more about that in another venue. Instead, it is now time to focus on some characteristic elements of the game talking about fundamental element of the game: the Pokémon themselves.

All you need to know about Pokémon from catching evolution

The beginning: capture pokémon

The initial choice of the starter that you will get (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle but Pikachu) will allow you to experience for the first time the launch of the pokeball. It is a mechanical one which for a novice might not be clear to 100% but which is important not to waste too many poke-ball and to get some experience point. When you meet a Pokémon will see a circle of a certain color that surrounds it, this circle reveals the difficulty of a possible catch: green = easy, yellow = medium difficulty, red = very difficult. Especially early in the game is pretty unlikely inmbattersi in pokémon with the red circle and the yellow one also seems unlikely. For Pokémon like that are obviously necessary tools obtainable reaching the highest levels for your alter ego. That’s how Megaball, ultraball and Masterball become critical to capture the most difficult opponents.

Once you have chosen the type of ball to be used you will have to carry out the launch. Hold the pokeball until the colored circle will become as small as possible and then launch it with a swipe to the pokémon. In the first catch you will make mistakes, especially at the level of strength, but soon you will learn to do high quality throws.

Capture the strongest Pokémon

At some point of your adventure and reach level 20 Pokemon go hack for android and iOS will be more difficult to capture. In this case use semplicele pokeball could not be sufficiale. Each Pokémon brings a kind of movement, this movement seems in a sense delinare the mood of the creature (happy or angry). Throwing a few berries will see the Pokémon move again. Once the move is complete launch your ball.

Another method that seems to work is to throw the pokeball as soon as the pokémon appears on the screen. It seems that in this way the chance of catching are significantly higher.

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How to find pokémon

It may seem a rather simple and intuitive but also this aspect of Pokémon Go may be slightly difficult to guess in the early stages of the game. Of course the title Niantic is not made for those who do not want to physically move and walk around the world and those who live in rural areas is likely also to be with a few places of interest.

Beyond these problems in the lower right of the screen is a kind of menu that puts us in front of a screen showing all the Pokémon in the area with a lot of distance from our location (footsteps there are more and more distant each footprint would be some 100m). By accessing this screen you can also select a single Pokémon focusing exclusively on his research. As we get closer decrease the footsteps and the arrow icon will start to flash to show us that our prey is getting closer.

To help the different players in the capture has also launched the site Pokemapper , a tool whose success depends solely by the users themselves and depend entirely from their reports. This site shows the areas where the pokémon and with the official release and community support were found could become a point of reference for all players.

How to enhance and evolve

Of course to be able to fight within Gyms (of which more later) you will have to upgrade your Pokemon team and also aim at the developments. Since you can not gain experience by fighting with wild Pokémon how can we succeed in transforming the first and weakest Pokémon go hack for android and iOS in fearsome creatures and more powerful? We must use two basic consumables: the Stardust and candies.

By accessing the menu screen, to that of Pokémon captured and even selecting one pokémon we will find ourselves in front of a screen with the characteristics of the creatures and with two voices: “Boost” and “Far Evolve”. To enhance’ll have to use a certain amount of stardust and candy while an evolution will be necessary only candies in large quantities.

The Stardust is achieved by capturing any Pokémon or by hatching an egg, while the candies are specific to each Pokémon and only capturing a large amount of Charmander and traferendo the “duplication”, for example, can you hope to make it evolve in a Charmeleon. Given the difficulty in succeeding in an evolution especially in the early hours of the game, to become at least more competitive and to have a chance to win the Gyms, upgrading could be a great way to go.

Better upgrade or evolve?

In these early days we discuss a lot on this particular issue is apparently both seem solutions with advantages and disadvantages fairly clear but with similar results in the end after all. The Pokémon can not be upgraded to infinity and it seems that the highest level of enhancement or the use of ports evolutions still similar statistics. For this reason, in some cases it will be worth spending a lesser amount of candy to have some short-term advantages, especially if you find the same Pokemon is complicated.

We have compiled some other pokemon go hack tool, you can take a look below, if you want some more pokecoins


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Clash Royale Gids: 10 tips om te winnen

clash royale free chests

Ente hebben onder ons Clash Royale , een spel dat ik had verwacht in PacMac en we hebben een klein overzicht . Hand Supercell , de makers van Clash of Clans, komt deze aflevering rol bestaande kaart gevechten . In slechte tijd werd ik gevraagd om deze gids te doen, omdat in de afgelopen 48 uur , heb ik steeds mijn baard, ik heb fatale gegeten en ik mijn iPhone ontelbare keren geladen. Clash Royale is zeer verslavend. Short online gevechten tegen echte spelers , een mechanisme dat je dwingt om te vechten opnieuw en opnieuw te houden. De pique is verzekerd, u gewaarschuwd quedais.

Dus, zodra de batterij van mijn telefoon voltooid is, ga ik wat tijd te nemen om te vertrekken u dit bescheiden gids met 10 tips zodat je meer kans om te winnen hebben en je leger vooraf met veiliger stappen.

1- Clash Royale weer is een factor van de strategie

Dit spel beschikt over gevechten 3 minuten lang en om te winnen zullen we moeten meer torens te vernietigen in die tijd dat onze tegenstander. Als we vernietigen haar belangrijkste toren voorbij is, zullen we winnen. Ja, in het geval van een gelijkspel het spel gaat in extra tijd en geeft ons meer tijd, terwijl meer punten om kaarten te trekken (elixer). Op dit punt de strijd woedt. Een mogelijke winnende strategie is om een toren te verzwakken en laat ongeveer snoep, terwijl de verdediging van ons. Dus wanneer de tijd is nabij uitputting kunnen we ons richten op het vernietigen van deze en win zelfs minimaal.

Deze strategie kan interessant zijn als je niet veel ervaring of letters iets hoger zijn dan onze tegenstander ons. Kijk uit wanneer de strijd komt plotselinge dood . Dat is wanneer onze tegenstander zal vallen met alles wat we hebben en we moeten niet op onze domeinen. Soms tijdsdruk kan ons gezond verstand te verliezen. In Bovendien, meer ervaren spelers zullen proberen af te leiden als ze een toren meer hebben neergeschoten dan wij doen , zodat de tijd om is en we kunnen niet overeenkomen met hun merk. Vergeet dat niet, zelfs winnen zonder het vernietigen van de belangrijkste toren zal dezelfde ranking punten te geven, maar ook controleert lager niveau en minder kronen (één per vernietigd toren).

2 Kisten, goud en edelstenen

Dit is een spel Freemium , wat betekent dat mensen moeten fret Supercell wordtvrijgegeven voor uw geld in ruil voor bepaalde voordelen. In Clash Royale de belangrijkste bron is goud . Dit is in kisten die ons tijd tot tijd zal geven of om gevechten te winnen. Met goud kunnen we onze brieven te verbeteren en zo krachtiger geworden clash royale hack

Kisten neem de tijd om te openen omhoog en dwingen ons om uren te wachten, een duidelijke strategie van psychologische druk om ons te betalen. Deze tijd kan worden verkort uitgaven edelstenen, een indirecte bron die alleen ons bepaalde kranten borst. Als we besteden onze eerste juweeltjes hebben al snel het gevoel dat we verwachten te veel en dan niet groeien in het zelfde tempo. Beter om het geduld om te beginnen met het krassen van onze portfolio hebben, houdt dat in het achterhoofd.

3 zou beter verwachten dat mensen worden geconfronteerd met te veel niveau

Hilando naar het vorige punt, moeten we rekening mee houden dat volgens win gevechten we zullen de spelers geconfronteerd met een gelijk niveau hoger is dan de onze . Er komt een tijd dat we niet kunnen winnen komen we ‘ll worden geplakt. Op dit punt, niet wanhoop is het het beste om een beetje te rusten en te wachten voor een van de vakken voor degenen die wachten om te openen en kunnen onze brieven te verbeteren.

Als je te maken hebt met iemand met een veel hogere kaarten de beste strategie is een goede verdediging . Bid dat de tijd opraakt en krijg een gelijkspel. Dus zullen we niet winnen of verliezen. Sommige spelers raken gefrustreerd en afzien van het spel, die ik niet aanbevelen doen. Dus, in ieder geval kun je je manier om jezelf te verdedigen tegen de vijand te trainen. Geen bajéis wacht, als je ziet dat de andere niets doet zal wachten om punten te verzamelen en iets heel krachtig gooien. Beter om te wachten en tegen te gaan dat met de juiste kaarten.

4- Vergeet niet om een level omhoog uw kaarten

Het niveau Clash letters Royale heeft betrekking op de omvang van de schade en de gezondheid van een spel karakter .Elke kaart heeft een teller die gevuld toelaat om het te verhogen. Om de teller zal de brieven gevonden in kisten dienen te verhogen en uiteindelijk zul je betalen met goud in de sectie winkel voor een aantal brieven (deze optie verandert elke dag). Om een level omhoog een brief zodra vulde de teller hebben om wat goud te betalen , over het algemeen 50.

5- Selecteer strategisch kaarten

In de brieven sectie kunt u de informatie van de personages te controleren en te visualiseren uw terras van het gevecht. Hieronder staan de letters van de boeking. Het beste voor een winnende strategie is om de letters van de aanval en te bestrijden in evenwicht te brengen . Ten minste één epische letter (zeer krachtig tekens), een brief aan aanval krachten (het leger van skeletten of de Minions zijn goed), een huis of een tower defense om de krachten van de aanval te verwarren, en Giants of ballonnen bombastisch dragen om de vijand aan te vallen torens. Dit evenwicht in het spel zal toestaan dat je kunt omgaan met elke situatie.

Tijdens een gevecht in Clash Royale is het beste om je beste kaarten reserveren om de vijand te verrassen na of terwijl hij gesondeerd die je kan hebben . Zodra weggegooid sommigen die ons zouden maken bijzondere schade kunnen anticiperen op hun bewegingen. In Bovendien, als de ander een krachtige brief die heeft gelanceerd zou onze grootste troef te vernietigen, is het het beste om iets dat verzwakt gooien. Dus, net nadat we lanceren ons en de andere kan niet reageren in de tijd clash royale cheats .

6- implementeert de juiste kaarten op elk moment

Sterker nog, in Clash Royale zijn er andere kaarten die gemakkelijk een nederlaag zonder dat u zelfs maar zeer krachtig kan niets doen. Zo zal een Valkyrie ons een heleboel van schade in een toren, maar de Minions zullen worden onmiddellijk gedood zonder dat ze hen kan aanvallen. Of het skelet leger, dat al snel een reus te vernietigen. Echter, de Valkyrie barrière Esqueletos binnenkort.

Op grond hiervan is de strategie om denkt dat de tegenovergestelde zogenaamde verslaan onze kaarten , zoals als de Giant. Hij lanceerde een leger van skeletten zo goed Gigante nadert. Maar indien wij hopen om genoeg punten te verzamelen en lanceerde een reus, een Valkyrie, zal deze onze Giant skeletten te doden en bereikt de vijandelijke toren.

7- Combo aanval

Naar aanleiding van wat er werd gezegd in het vorige punt, moeten we slim zijn om combo’s te winnen te maken . In het geval van aanranding één van mijn favoriete combo is om een Giant Globe en bombastische lanceren op het hetzelfde moment. Deze combinatie zaleen van de twee krachten offeren omdat er geen kaart die zowel kan aanvallen het tegelijkertijd. Dus, terwijl een personage wordt aangevallen  de andere zal komen om de vijand vesting verwoesten en in de tussentijd zal het toevoegen van punten aan te vallen of te verdedigen andere flank . Onze tegenstander zal verliezen ze zich verdedigen tegen het bloedbad dat we hebben gedaan. Ontdek dit soort combo’s stellen ons in staat om een winnende strategie te genereren.

8. het nabijgelegen land niet voorbijgaan

Voorzichtig, want de andere spelers zijn niets Clash Royale astuce dwazen. Terwijl je denkt over aanvallen in gedachten houden dat als één van uw kant torens is vernietigd er is een aanspreekpunt voor de tegenstander . Plotseling zie je als aanval combo’s lijken heel dicht bij je centrum toren en moet jezelf verdedigen. Het is interessant om de wapens van je torens te grijpen om de krachten van de aanval verzwakken. U alleen moet een kraam of hulpstof toren halverwege tussen de vijand en de belangrijkste toren te plaatsen. Vijandelijke troepen zal deze toren te pakken tijdens het ontvangen van het vuur van uw torens. Dat is een goede inzet van een ridder of een Valkyrie kan de aanval af te weren.

9. Controleer de toren

De belangrijkste toren van onze vijand is de sleutel tot het winnen.  Alvorens in te gaan want het zal moeten we een of beide aangrenzende torens te vernietigen. Het is het beste te concentreren op een eerste plaats. Kiezen dat we wachten op een aanval op een zijde . Als we van mening zijn dat onze verdediging wapens zijn voldoende om deze aanval niet kan verdedigen en aanvallen met een goede combo aanval van de andere kant af te weren. Zoals onze vijand al heeft aangevallen voordat we hebben minder resterende punten en neem de tijd om een defensieve kracht inzetten om onze tegenaanval.

Zodra we een vijand toren hebben vernietigd kunnen we inzetten in vijandelijk gebied een stand van elfen tevoren en sturen van daaruit een Giant of Globe (je hebt gedacht dat je bent mijn favoriete aanval krachten). Op dat moment de tegenstander zal proberen te verdedigen met alles wat ze hebben. Als lanceerde aanval kaarten kunnen worden vermaakt vechten verdediging en nooit bereiken de toren. Dus profiteren van de kaarten die alleen torens aan te vallen en te combineren met een ridder of Elf beschermen hen kan de sleutel zijn. Zodra u toegang tot vijandelijke grondaanval hebben ongenadig, voortdurend . Tenminste als je niet kunt breken de belangrijkste toren ganaras minimaal.

Clans 10-

Clash Royale hack android niet te veel profiteren van de clans. Toch behoort het tot een van hen levert veel voordelen. We kunnen ze brieven aan hun leden vragen en aan hen te geven in ruil voor goud. Er is ook de mogelijkheid om in der minne te vechten tegen hen, die kunnen dienen als training . Er is een gesprek over het spel te praten en te versterken onze meer geek kant.

De clan is het aspect minst Clash Royale voordeel in mijn mening. Anders is het een geweldige zeer verslavend spel dat zal ons laat ons de ogen en vingers.

Good luck!